I suffer with Tinnitus, will Isolate® help?

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Whilst Isolate® are unlikely to help with easing the symptoms of tinnitus, they will stop damaging sounds from entering your ear canals, which may prevent your tinnitus from worsening.

¿Cómo sé qué tamaño de almohadilla se ajusta a mis oídos?

Cuando reciba sus protectores auditivos Isolate®, encontrará un par de Earfoams® pequeños, medianos y grandes (para el Isolate® estándar) y Earfoams® extra pequeños, pequeños y medianos (para el Isolate® MiNi), que se ajustan alrededor del barril del producto. Comience con el Earfoam® más pequeño y avance hasta el más grande. Use la espuma que sea más cómoda.

Es crucial que las almohadillas estén correctamente colocadas en los protectores auditivos Isolate® y que los protectores auditivos Isolate® estén correctamente colocados en sus oídos, para garantizar el máximo bloqueo del sonido y, por supuesto, la máxima comodidad.

Aquí hay un breve video que muestra cómo deben insertarse:


¿Cuánto duran los Isolate® Earfoams®?

Isolate® Earfoams® generalmente dura entre 6 y 8 semanas, dependiendo de cómo se manejen, usen y la química de su cuerpo (cerumen, aceites, etc.). Naturalmente, un mayor uso disminuirá su vida.
Para garantizar que Earfoams® dure el mayor tiempo posible, le recomendamos que siga nuestras guías de ajuste e instrucciones de limpieza.
Es importante que Earfoams® se inspeccione periódicamente para verificar su capacidad de servicio y se mantenga de acuerdo con nuestras instrucciones. Asegúrese de reemplazar sus Earfoams® cuando comiencen a "descascararse", desgarrarse o perder sus propiedades de espuma de memoria (por ejemplo, la espuma se expande rápidamente en lugar de lentamente). Puede comprar Earfoams® de reemplazo en los enlaces a continuación.


Quiero silencio completo, ¿Isolate® bloqueará TODOS los sonidos?

Desafortunadamente, a menos que esté sentado en una cámara anecoica personal, nada lo aislará por completo del sonido, debido a la física del oído humano. Escuchas la mayor parte de lo que escuchas por medio de tus oídos. Isolate® y Isolate® MiNi funcionan al bloquear el sonido para que no ingrese a los canales auditivos. Sin embargo, el sonido aún vibrará su cráneo, pómulos y mandíbula, aunque mucho menos que el sonido que ingresa a sus oídos. Esto se llama conducción ósea.

Lo que hacen los tapones para los oídos Isolate® (cuando se ajustan correctamente) es bajar el volumen drásticamente y en todo el rango de frecuencia audible de una manera mucho más efectiva. Imagine el ruido de un concierto de rock ruidoso, ahora imagine el mismo ruido pero al nivel de una lavadora doméstica, este es el tipo de niveles de reducción de sonido que experimentará con la protección auditiva Isolate® o Isolate® MINI.



Attenuation data for Isolate® earplugs

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Standard deviation. Every CE certified earplug goes through rigorous tests to comply with high standards. The listening part of the test involves multiple people recording (in dB) when they can hear a certain frequency as shown in the top row of the table.


All these results are collated and an average is produced (row two). The difference between the highest and lowest value for each frequency band is called Standard Deviation (row three).


The lower this number is, the closer each test subjects results were. For example; at 1000 Hz the difference between the highest and lowest test result was 3.0 dB.


A low difference like 3.0 means subjects were achieving a similar universal and accurate fit meaning a more reliable and safer experience.


Other leading earplug manufacturers have a higher standard deviation shown here.


 3M™ E-A-R™ UltraFit™ Earplugs

Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mf (dB) 29.2 29.4 29.4 32.2 32.3 36.1 44.3 44.8
sf (dB) 6 7.4 6.6 5.3 5 3.2 6 6.4
APVf (dB) 23.2 22 22.7 26.9 27.3 32.8 38.3 38.4

SNR = 32dB. H = 33dB. M = 28dB. L = 25dB.


 Alpine PartyPlug

Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mean Attenuation dB 8,8 10,3 13,2 16,6 20,6 25,4 25,2 19,2
Standard Deviation dB 4,4 3,3 3,0 2,4 2,8 3,0 5,0 4,1
Assumed Protection in dB (APV) 4,4 7,0 10,2 14,2 17,8 22,4 20,2 15,1
EN 352-2: 2002 compliant
Nominal diameter: 9-12 mm
H=19 M=17 L=12


The attenuation difference between the SNR High/Medium/Low ratings is also just 3 dB whereas the market-leading standard foam earplugs is as much as 10 dB.


By attenuating frequencies more evenly, the user is safely protected from harmful levels of bass, mid and treble whilst enjoying an accurate sound experience.


Just at a much lower volume.


Isolate Clear



Isolate Aluminium



Isolate PRO






Environment without Isolate® Environment noise level (db) Environment with Isolate®
Normal Conversation 60db Rustling leaves
City Traffic 80db Bird Calls
Rock Concert 115db Dishwasher
Formula 1 Race Car (full throttle) 140db Lawnmower



Sleeep® Dual Aluminum


What is Sleeep®?

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Sleeep combines a super-soft memory foam ball with a slim durable stem resulting in an earplug that moulds neatly and effectively to the shape of your ear canal. Supplied with standard and large size tips, Sleeep are designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes. The foam tips have an extra-long rebound time to make sure you get the best seal and supreme noise reduction.


We use metal in our premium earplug models as this helps to block as much noise as possible. The slim core is designed for minimal interference and acts as a support for the soft memory foam as well as a shield against noise.


Our Dual-tip design gives side sleepers extra comfort as they are cushiony soft against the ear.




How long do the Earfoams® last?

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Earfoams generally last about 1 month depending on how they are handled, used, and your body chemistry (earwax, oils, etc.). Naturally, frequent use will shorten their lifespan.

To ensure that the Earfoams last as long as possible, we would recommend that you follow our fitting guides and cleaning instructions.


It is important that Earfoams are regularly inspected for serviceability and are maintained in accordance with our instructions. Be sure to replace your Earfoams when they start to flake, tear, or lose their memory foam properties (e.g. the foam loses its slow rebound time). You can purchase replacement Earfoams at the links below.


Are they just used for sleeping?

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Sleeep is ideal for sleeping and they have been designed specifically for this purpose due to their size and metal core having super soft memory-foam tips for maximum comfort. However, because they are super comfy, they could be used anywhere where you wish to turn the world down.


How much sound does Sleeep® reduce?

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Sleeep Pro Dual and Sleeep Aluminium Dual are very effective at blocking sound from entering your ears. Imagine sealing your ears with a metal shield as opposed to a foam one. However, sound will still vibrate your skull (much less than sound entering your ears would). This is called bone conduction.

What Sleeep earplugs do (when correctly fitted) is they 'turn the volume of the world down drastically', So it’s not 100% silence, but certainly enough to ensure that noises that go bump in the night don't wake you up!


Sleeep earplugs are designed especially for all-night comfort and blocking out irritating sounds, such as snoring and general ambient noise. This helps most people fall asleep more easily for a long and uninterrupted nights rest. Our new range of sleeping earplugs includes an improved memory foam tip design to maximise peace and comfort during the night.


As Sleeep is self-certified and everyone’s environment differs, so do the results for each individual. You may be pleased to know that we also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee should you not get on with any of our products.


How do I know which size Earfoams® fits my ears?

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When you receive your Sleeep earplugs, you will find a pair of Standard size Earfoams which fit onto the stem of the product. Depending on which model you have, a spare set of Large Earfoams will also be included. Start with the Standard size (green) and work your way up to the Large size (red). Use the Earfoams that are most comfortable and fit you the best.


It is crucial that the Earfoams are correctly fitted on Sleeep and that they are correctly fitted in your ears to ensure maximum attenuation and of course, maximum comfort!


Here is a short video that shows how they should be fitted: 







Technical Specification

- 25 dBs de atenuación promedio.

- No contiene Latex.

Sleee Dual® comes with three sets of memory-foam Earfoams® in the following sizes: Extra Small | Small | Medium

Sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, the solid aluminium core and then back through the memory-foam tip.

TECHNOLOGY Sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, the solid aluminium core and then back through the memory-foam tip.

CORE SIZE• Length: 14mm 
• Width: 7mm 
(Measured with tips on)

MATERIALS • Aerospace aluminium anodised for a Natural Silver or Silver Pink finish 
• Super-soft memory-foam Earfoams®

ACCESSORIES With every Sleeep®, you also receive three sets of Earfoams® and a Flare® mesh pouch.